Color Adventures

Color Adventures

Travel in the world of colors and paint your day

Color Adventures

Travel in the world of colors and paint your day

'Color Adventures' is a 'one touch' game combining fun and creativity. Choose or create your own game colors and play. With every play, the result is a unique color splash as beautiful and creative as you are. Share your play results and let the world know what 'playfull creativity' means.

'Color Adventures' is more than just a game

The integrated color harmony generator helps you find the perfect color combinations in an easy way. Just select the color count and move your finger over the color wheel. The tool puts not only the perfect color combinations in a color scheme but generates a sub color for each color: both tints and shades. Fine-tune the generated color palette with saturation/brightness, light shadow and color distance angle. Send/share your perfect color harmony scheme.

Game features:

  • Fly, land on the same color and paint
  • Endless game
  • Beat your high score
  • Create and save your own game/painting colors
  • Change the game/painting colors during the game play and continue playing/painting
  • After the first level you can continue playing
  • The further you travel the fuller the painting splash, flight by flight, level by level
  • Change the paintings background color
  • Save your beautiful painting and use it as a background image
  • Send/share your unique game/painting results

Color harmony features:

  • Based on HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness)
  • Monochrom (1 color) without/with complementary
  • Analogous (3 colors) without/with complementary
  • Triad (3 colors) without/with complementary
  • Tetrad (4 colors)
  • Sub colors: tints and shades for each generated color
  • Colors distance angle
  • Send/share your color palettes

Update version 2.0:

  • You have more control over the game painting
  • Touch the paint splash for the next paint position
  • Edit/repaint the game result/paint splash
  • The last 9 game paintings are saved
  • Several improvements

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